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My cousin, Nina LaFerla, is also an East Asia Specialist.

Lawrence LaFerla, JAPANtranslation

I'm currently division head at JAPANtranslation, which is part of WIP Japan Corporation. WIP is a multi-language translation agency in Tokyo and Osaka. (I'm in Osaka most of the time.) JAPANtranslation does all of its business in English. We serve mostly international clients. Overseas clients rely on us especially for persuasive Japanese copywriting for ad campaigns, websites, and so on. English to Japanese is the most common language pair we handle. We work with dozens of native linguists, each with emphasis on translation for specific fields. (Of course I don't translate into Japanese. I'm on the marketing end of things.) If you're in the industry, please go ahead and connect with me on LinkedIn.

WIP has helped me develop my own way of endeavoring in business. For this, I owe a continuing debt of gratitude to Yoshio Fukushima, the president, and Shin'ichiro Daikoku, the office administrator in Osaka and my close friend.

  Lawrence LaFerla, JAPANtranslation

Related to JAPANtranslation, I serve as blogger in chief at Marketing on the Japanese web: A blog about Japanese translation, international copywriting, copy adaptation transcreation, etc. Emphasis is on multicultural marketing. We're happy to feature "trans-disciplinary," expert guest contributors such as Jonathan Finer (Co-founder, Principal, Cloverleaf Innovation) and Hannah Smalltree (senior editor of

  ローレンス・ラフェーラ, 西宮市

Prior to JAPANtranslation, I was the lead project manager at, a now defunct localization consultancy.

I've been living in Japan, for over two decades. Into cycling and yoga. Mostly waste a lot of time on the web. Gotta break that addiction!

My degree (magna cum laude) from University of Massachusetts was in organization studies. My research was focused mostly on work cultures -- the anthropology of work life in modern corporations in Sweden, Japan and the USA. Took night classes before that at B.U. and Harvard.

Larry Williams, 007, Dub7, Boston Rock

I was a Boston rocker in the 1970s/80s.

You can read all about it, here

  Larry LaFerla, Saugus, Massachusetts, 1978

Nowadays, decades after my rock and roll days, the most common question I get is: "Are you still playing music/guitar?" My recurrent answer: Erm, not really. I have a couple of guitars. Hardly ever tune them, let alone play them. I've reverted to being a music fan. That's really what I always was, anyway.

Maybe if anyone reading cares to ask questions I'll have to make a FAQ. Hehe.

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Our family name is sometimes rendered with a space: La Ferla.